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Gothic Glenview

The creepy, the unnerving, the very sense that some presence lurks nearby – all connote the word “Gothic.”

“Gothic” encompasses dark romanticism. At Victorian Glenview, the ebonized wood in the Library shows this same romanticism in high Victorian ornamentation, as does its exterior tower and narrow, slit windows.

The Victorians projected their deep emotions, tragic or romantic, in a “Cult of Mourning.” Sending their loss outwards, they wore clothes made of black crepe for years after a loss, created jewelry made from the hair of deceased loved ones, and covered their mirrors.

Today the Victorian interiors of Glenview are the ideal setting for six contemporary works by artists from Yonkers’ YOHO Artists Studios. They have created art, visual and auditory, that ruminates on the idea of death, and, more universally, on the enduring link between loss and the experience of being human.


YOHO Artists INVADE the Museum